How to learn English

Stay positive learning English!


Nobody is bad at learning languages! See our tips below to find the right way to learn English:

  • It’s difficult to learn English from a book, like driving a car you can only learn through doing it
  • Think in English! Avoid translating from your own language, thinking in English will really improve fluency
  • Learning English grammar can be boring but the best and most fun way to learn is through speaking
  • Make friends with a native English speaker – you’ll have your own personal English teacher for years to come!
  • It’s important to make mistakes – that’s how we learn! Just keep speaking English and you’ll get there in the end!
  • Take an English course in an English speaking country. You will learn English passively from your environment even after the lessons have finished
  • And most importantly – Enjoy yourself! We learn more when we’re having fun!